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Culminating Project

All students attending Challenger High School will participate in the Culminating Project program. Culminating Projects help high school students develop their academic and professional goals, as well as leadership and job skills, while meeting Washington State graduation requirements.   

PORTFOLIO:  During their high school experience, students will develop a Portfolio, or “snapshot", of their academic and professional skills.  Students will need a 2” three-ring binder and a set of dividers.  All assignments for the Portfolio must be kept in a three-ring binder, as they must be completed in order to graduate. 

SENIOR PROJECT: As students enter their senior year, they will begin to develop a Senior Project that demonstrates the skills they have acquired. This will help them focus on their future goals.  Seniors will be required to complete volunteer service and present their project to a review board during second semester. Successful completion of the Senior Project is a requirement for graduation.  

State Graduation Requirements: