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College Planning

About College Planning

The ideal starting point for each student's college plan should start with an action plan. The following college planning information will provide a stepping-stone for developing their plan.
* - Plan for College
* College Prep Action Plan - High School Seniors
* College Prep Action Plan - High School Juniors
* College Prep Action Plan - High School Sophomores

The College Planning Process has several steps. We have designed this website to walk you through each step of this process. Each step will open up a new webpage with access to detailed information.
STEP 1: College Selection
STEP 2: College Testing
STEP 3: College Application Process
STEP 4: Financial Aid
STEP 5: Scholarships

Other Information:
Career & Technical Education
Running Start
Minimum College Academic Requirements
Community College Transfer Information

Getting Ready to Go to College:

Completing a FAFSA

College Planning Guide for High School Students

Preparing for College

How Do I Choose a Major?

Where do I go for academic support?

What should I look for on a campus visit?

What is financial aid?

How involved should I be in campus life?

What concerns should I have about a roommate?

Best Colleges in Washington State